Client Testimonials

Maggie S

As an ME sufferer, I have received real benefits from regular therapy sessions with Lucy. My severe muscle pain and sore joints have improved greatly and I feel an increased sense of well-being overall.

Helen F

During and after the cleanse I felt more energised. I felt that I was better able to cope with the hectic demands of my every day life. The cleanse also helped me to focus on my diet and this had a positive effect which continues - so much so that I am intending to repeat the cleanse and am looking forward to my next cleanse in a few months.

Michel S

I used the cleanse for in July for the full 10 days, my friend Nicky had taken them previously and said they made her feel very energetic. I noticed a difference at the end, when I started using the Probiotics, I really noticed a change in my energy levels and felt more focussed. I have been taking them for nearly 2 months and wouldn’t be without my probiotic and Chlorophyll in the morning!

Jeff Leck
Jeff L

I have a manual job, which can be quite tiring and I was feeling run down and a bit flat, however, with Lucy’s help, I felt so much better and even though I have a sweet tooth, I also found my cravings for these not so strong. Without trying, I lost weight and had loads more energy.