Did you know? We are exposed to over 200 chemicals before we’ve even left the house in the morning.

If your body is trying to cope with the effects of your toxic skincare, you will have dull dry skin, you will have dark shadows under your eyes, your face will be puffy and you will have wrinkles.

By showing you how to use the right skincare for YOU, you will achieve and gain:

💜 Softer, smoother skin

💜 Nourished skin

💜 Glowing skin

💜 Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

💜 Improved firmness, elasticity and definition

💜 Visibly smooth, firm and even skin tone

💜 Confidence

You will age well, and love the skin you’re in.

Services offered:
1:1 Facials
Small group pamper parties
Skincare consultations

The products I use and recommend are Tropic Skincare.

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Don’t put your health at risk by compromising on quality