Mind & Body Fitness Retreats - Relax, Recharge & Take Control

Mind and Body Retreats

Want to recharge your batteries?

 feel  d

Learn how to go from chaos to calm.  Find the perfect work/life balance and spend better quality time with your family, as a result of being less distracted and more present.

Discover how to take back control of your life and emotions with less aches and pains and diminished mood swings. 

Learn ways to sleep better, because by sleeping better at night, you will get through each day without brain fog.  You will then have much more energy, so you will make rational decisions which are right for you.

Our Relax, Recharge and Take Control Retreat is a perfect solution for you.

Kickstart an improve your digestion and see gorgeous, glowing skin.  Have confidence to live your life to the full and above all, you will come away loving the skin you’re in. Discover how you can make simple, yet effective changes and improvements to your health and wellbeing, to enhance your confidence and feel fabulous every day.  

Here’s what this retreat is NOT:

  • A restrictive, starvation, juice detox
  • They’ll be no early starts
  • No outrageous rules and regulations
  • No body shaming

I’m so excited to be helping people feel calmer, less stressed, healthier but more importantly, happier!!

These retreats are all about fun, finding you, loving you again and looking forward to living life to the full on your terms

A tale of two views.

I love this Country and all her seasons, however, I’m looking forward to running my next Mind & Body Confidence Retreat somewhere warm.

I’ll be running workshops outside by the pool and by the beach, we will be working on our mindset for various reasons, health, wealth, business, social life, weight loss, etc, what you need it for, we can adapt. Lots of strong uplifting and motivational meditations and lots of awareness. There will be daily walks along the beach, being aware of what is around us – sights, colours and smells as we listen to the waves gently lap along the shoreline.

I’m so excited. You will come home feeling healthier, happier and with more confidence to start living your life the way you’ve always wanted to. Let your dreams become your reality!

How do I know that? Because I felt like that too!!

These days I work within my own principles that I know work. They feel right and they get results because I’m authentic, I am me and you can be YOU too.

An inspirational escape for action-takers

What’s included






Transfers to and from hotel


Superior room


All inclusive


Free land & water sports




Gym instructor


Yoga instructor


Morning workshops & talks



“I went to the last retreat with Lucy and came away a different person. I didn’t think making such small changes would make such a difference. Simple things like drinking more water, simply stretching and taking a couple of minutes to clear my head. It wasn’t too full on with plenty of down time and I enjoyed it that much that I’m looking to do the next one.”

Jeff Leck



“Eye opener”