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Would you like to be less stressed?

Would you like to be more confident?

Would you like to live life to the fullest?

Welcome to Healthy Body Healthy Mind

I’m Lucy and I help you smell SENSATIONAL whilst feeling fantastic, fearless and FAB-U-LOUS in the skin you’re in.

Having had breast cancer myself, I empower you to keep your confidence, sense of humour and positivity through cancer and beyond, all by means of clean,  supplements (alongside a healthy diet, not instead of), clean skincare, free of chemicals to replenish and rejuvenate your skin and a positive mindset.

All the confidence and positivity I teach for people on the cancer journey are techniques used by me during cancer and as you can see, it all works.

I’m looking for people who want to sleep better, feel unbeatable, whilst looking uplifted and feeling enchanted whilst smelling absolutely delicious. 

So, make this your best life.  Contact me to find out how you can feel lighter, brighter and more energised. To feel good, look fabulous and smell delicious.

Whether it be here at one of my workshops or retreats here in the UK or via Zoom, I’m here to help you.

Whether recovering from an illness such as cancer or simply feeling unwell and sluggish or just not loving the skin you’re in – we have a solution to help you to Relax, Release and Rejuvenate.

We should all enjoy every day, feeling alive, vibrant, happy, healthy and free.

Imagine getting back your self-confidence, wanting to live your life to its full potential and greeting every new day with a smile, optimism and excitement?

If you really want to improve the quality of your life – you can.  It’s your life….. so live it……

I help you to to stop and turn off the clock and the phone. I help you focus on you – mind, body and soul.

Hit that reset button

  • Get your life back on track
  • Feel and look amazing
  • Learn how to age well
  • A personal journey and adventure of self-discovery
  • Feel confident about who you are
  • Be positive and motivated
  • Have radiant, glowing, uplifted skin
  • Releasing the stress
  • Empowering the calm
  • Being confident and and in control

Summary of services

We offer FREE Consultations for:

  • Organic skincare
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Managing the journey through cancer and beyond
  • Health & Wellbeing retreats for mind & body.

It all starts with you… This is your life, so live it, enjoy it, indulge it.  Invest in yourself and fill your world with love, confidence and happiness.

  • Understanding your body and what it is telling you
  • How to manage your stress levels
  • Reducing those menopause symptoms
  • Advice on managing the journey through Chemotherapy, cancer treatments and beyond

Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear

~ Hippocrates

Cancer Support Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Mind & Body Confidence Retreats


What our clients say

Maggie S

As an ME sufferer, I have received real benefits from regular therapy sessions with Lucy. My severe muscle pain and sore joints have improved greatly and I feel an increased sense of well-being overall.

Helen F

During and after the cleanse I felt more energised. I felt that I was better able to cope with the hectic demands of my every day life. The cleanse also helped me to focus on my diet and this had a positive effect which continues - so much so that I am intending to repeat the cleanse and am looking forward to my next cleanse in a few months.

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