I’VE GOT YOUR BACK: The essential guide to marketing your therapy business


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I’VE GOT YOUR BACK: The Essential Guide To Marketing Your Therapy Business

This book is different for two significant reasons. Firstly, Helen does not bombard you with a series of generic steps to follow, nor does she ram her own brand of ‘snake oil’ at you, insisting that you must buy it to become successful in your own right.

What Helen does is pose thought-provoking ques­tions and provide examples (which I’m sure many of you will recognise and have experienced) from her own personal journey to establishing her highly suc­cessful, multi-award-winning therapy business. The book enables you to more fully explore and under­stand your personal and individual journey as a practitioner.

But Helen doesn’t stop there. The second reason why this book is different to others promising that ‘pot of gold’ is evident from the first page. The content of the book and her writing style deals in a passionate and compassionate way with the real issues which all therapists will have faced at some point in their professional careers. However, in true ‘Helen style’, she doesn’t pull any punches, so don’t expect to come away from reading this book without facing a few home truths. But doesn’t that just make the final achievement all the sweeter?

Throughout the book Helen sets you challenges (eg ‘Just stop’ and ‘Time to Brain Dump’ are two of my favourites), which not only leave you more insight­ful about your own self, but if you take nothing more from this book, these will provide you with a range of ‘tools’. Used in the right way, these tools just may help you unlock the answers in those not-so-easy times – those times when you especially feel the weight of being a sole practitioner having to deal with issues on your own, as many of us will have done. Don’t be fooled though, this book isn’t just for those in practice on their own, the sections dealing with customer care, branding and marketing are invaluable for any sized practice wanting to stand out in the overcrowded and highly competitive marketplace.

Helen’s practical understanding of marketing strate­gies and advice on the effective use of social media combined with those challenges make this not only a book to read to gain fundamental knowledge, but also to use a reference guide to dip into if and when the situation warrants it.
In my career as an osteopathic lecturer and pro­gramme leader, and as principal of two osteopathic colleges, I have taught over 600 osteopathy students and enabled them to graduate as osteopaths both in the UK and Europe. Helen has stood out as one of the most empathetic and committed students of them all. When Helen became an osteopathic lecturer, her hon­est and open approach was always one that students valued. She brings this same approach to her writing in this book.

Melanie Coutinho, Registered Osteopath; Director of Programme Development, Accademia per lo Sviluppo dell’Osteopatia e della Medicina Integrativa (ASOMI), Turin, Italy