Cancer Support Coaching

Empowering you on your journey through cancer and beyond.
Empowering you on your journey through cancer and beyond.


“Jo Blackwell of The Midlife Movement – Face It Own it!”

Going through cancer is one of the scariest journeys you can go through. I’ve come out smiling and now I’m here to help you on that journey. I will show you how to get through it easier, happier, stronger and in control, without the feeling of helplessness.


“Take my hand, I’ve got you!”

New Monthly Cancer Support Group

Together, with my friend Paul, we are delighted to host our Cancer Support Group for anyone touched by cancer.

Whether you have recently been diagnosed, going through treatment, in remission, a carer or family member of someone going through cancer, please come along and join us for an informal evening of chatter and tea.

You don’t need to say anything if you don’t feel like it yet, just observe, but please come along and discover you are not alone.

Next Meeting Thursday 5th March 2020 7-9pm

Meetings are monthly – please call 07770 666429 for details.



You don’t need to say anything

Just observe

You are NOT alone

After the initial shock of being told she had breast cancer, Lucy took on her cancer journey head on. She let the doctors deal with the medical side of killing her cancer, and took ownership of her side of the battle: good nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress reduction, and anything else she could do to strengthen her body and mind through the journey. She’s an inspiration when it comes to attitude towards cancer, and is on a mission to help others going through a similar journey.

Anne Iarchy

I have always known Lucy to be a strong, independent woman, but her inner strength truly shone through when she discovered and dealt with living with cancer. The initial impact was such a shock, but Lucy would not allow herself to crumble and die. No, she stood strong and proud and tackled it head-on. Sure she had bad days, it was my job to make her laugh on those, but really in the face of what is a terrifying illness, I was amazed at her skills to learn all she could to keep her health, both physically and mentally as strong as it could be. Don’t tell her, but I couldn’t be more proud of her if I tried. What a woman!

Mo Noonan

Welcome to Face It, Own It!

a Project by The Midlife Movement and its Founder,

Jo Blackwell

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Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue.  They are developed from small daily sins against Nature.  When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear – Hippocrates.

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