Cancer and Beyond

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Being told you have cancer is one of the scariest things you can ever be told.  I know, because I’ve heard the words “You have Cancer” – that was the day, the world fell out of my bottom!

Being diagnosed with cancer shocked me to the core but made me realise that the environment of my body was out of balance and I was being warned that something needed to be done to bring my body back into balance.

After Chemotherapy, my hormones were ALL OVER THE PLACE, because of the early onset of menopause.  Thank goodness they’ve started settling down now. However, I should have also put more steps in place as I was going into the peri-menopause too beforehand.

What can cause cancer?

Is it the toxicity around us or it is stress-related from a busy lifestyle?  Who knows?

Making choices to reduce the toxicity in your life, starting with the food you eat, taking targeted organic supplements and only using good quality organic skin care will help. As will keeping your stress levels down and being happy.

The choices I made helped me beat cancer, banish those menopause symptoms and lose that pesky muffin top.

I didn’t want cancer to beat me and there is no way I want it to come back.

If you want to help on this journey then CALL ME NOW.

Where you’re at:

  • You are scared witless
  • You don’t know where to turn
  • You don’t want to die
  • Your whole world has just been turned upside down
  • You’ve been on the journey and are now scared of cancer returning
  • You can’t bear the thought of going through it all over again

Would you like to:

  • Be in control of your treatment plan?
  • Work with your medical team?
  • Understand what is happening at every stage?:
  • Be less stressed?
  • Be more confident
  • Live your life to the full?

I have the solution for you!

What your issues tend to be:

You’ve been told you have cancer.  You are on the hamster wheel of medical appointments, tests, scans, treatment and you’re just going through the motions.  Your life has just stood still whilst everyone around you is still going at speed.

No-one understands what you are going through or how you are feeling.

Maybe you’ve had cancer and your treatments have finished.  You are scared it’s going to come back.  Every little ache and pain worries you.

It is all affecting your life on a daily basis.

You want to live your life to the full, but the worry is getting in your way and stopping you from doing every day life.

What you need help with right now:

Support!  Empowering you on your journey through cancer and beyond.

Going through cancer is one of the scariest journeys you can go through.  I’ve come out smiling and now I’m here to help you on that journey.  I will show you how to get through it easier, happier, stronger and in control, without the feeling of helplessness.  You will have the confidence to work WITH your medical team and understand what they are doing for you and why they are doing it.  

Take my hand, I’ve got you.


  • To feel in control
  • Less Stress
  • A good night’s sleep
  • To feel happy
  • To feel confident
  • To live your life to the full

I have the solution – Get in contact NOW for my Cancer and Beyond 1:1 coaching programme and to be added to our FREE support group.

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