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When the World Fell out of my Bottom!

Being told you have cancer is one of the scariest things you can ever be told. I know, because
I’ve heard the words “You have Cancer” – that was the day, the world fell out of my bottom!
I’m an experienced holistic therapist looking at WHY you have issues and treating the root
cause, not just the symptoms. We treat the body as a whole – feeling good from the inside to
looking fabulous on the outside.

Being diagnosed with cancer shocked me to the core but made me realise that the environment of
my body was out of balance and I was being warned that something needed to be done to bring
my body back into balance.

After Chemotherapy, my hormones were ALL OVER THE PLACE, because of the early onset
of menopause. Thank goodness they’ve started settling down now. However, I should have also
put more steps in place as I was going into the peri-menopause too beforehand.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

What can cause cancer?

Is it the toxicity around us or it is stress-related from a busy lifestyle? Who knows?
Making choices to reduce the toxicity in your life, starting with the food you eat, taking targeted organic supplements and only using good quality organic skin care will help. As will keeping your stress levels down and being happy.
The choices I made helped me beat cancer, banish those menopause symptoms and lose that pesky muffin top.
I didn’t want cancer to beat me and there is no way I want it to come back.

Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear


Now is your opportunity to make a change, think of your health, look after yourself, make time for YOU.


There is no disease, but the body can be in a state of dis-ease.

Invest in yourself and fall in love with taking care of your body because your greatest wealth is your health.


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Maggie S

As an ME sufferer, I have received real benefits from regular therapy sessions with Lucy. My severe muscle pain and sore joints have improved greatly and I feel an increased sense of well-being overall.

Helen F

During and after the cleanse I felt more energised. I felt that I was better able to cope with the hectic demands of my every day life. The cleanse also helped me to focus on my diet and this had a positive effect which continues - so much so that I am intending to repeat the cleanse and am looking forward to my next cleanse in a few months.


Number of glasses of qater to consumer each day

Minutes of 'ME' time recommended per day


Amount of time spent enjoying life!

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